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Today I Learned Go Part 4


This is the fourth part of my notes from going through a go-tooling-workshop.

Testing and Code Coverage #

After doing quite a bit of writing test code I found that there are some additional flags or parameters to the go test command that are helpful. I'll use an example from some real code I wrote to illustrate these. I have a project I created (github.com/contd/links) with the following structure:

├── app.go
├── main.go
├── main_test.go
├── model.go
├── README.md

Testing this project by simply running the following (with -v for verbose output) in the project directory:

go test -v .

And the output looks like:

=== RUN   TestEmptyTable
--- PASS: TestEmptyTable (0.02s)
=== RUN TestGetNonExistentLink
--- PASS: TestGetNonExistentLink (0.01s)
=== RUN TestCreateLink
--- PASS: TestCreateLink (0.03s)
=== RUN TestGetLinks
--- PASS: TestGetLinks (0.05s)
=== RUN TestGetLink
--- PASS: TestGetLink (0.04s)
=== RUN TestUpdateLink
--- PASS: TestUpdateLink (0.05s)
=== RUN TestDeleteLink
--- PASS: TestDeleteLink (0.05s)
ok github.com/contd/links 0.256s

The main_test.go is my test file that I've already run and all tests pass using the go test command. But getting code coverage can simply be done with the following:

go test -cover .
ok github.com/contd/links 0.245s coverage: 67.6% of statements

Also to get more detail about the coverage you can use the -coverprofile flag to generate a coverage file. The basic version will just show how many times and line was executed but using the -html flag will actually open a web browser with a more friendly visual representation of the coverage. Here are the two commands and a snapshot of part of the web page coverage profile:

go test -coverprofile coverage.out .
go tool cover -html=coverage.out

To not only see whether a line of code was executed but also how often it was executed the additional -covermode=count will add that to the coverage.outfile and then the html coverage fill add coloring from dark green to bright green for least to most executed lines of code:

go test -covermode=count -coverprofile coverage.out .
go tool cover -html=coverage.out

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