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Today I Learned Ack


This is the first post in a series where I've decided to go through a trove of other people's Today I Learned or TILs and write up my selections for each topic.

To kick things off I will start with a nice new tool called ack. It's beyond grep which so far has lived up to its claim of being better for programmers and very fast.

ack --bar #

The ack utility has a fun Easter egg that dumps a Star Wars meme to the command line. Give it a try.

ack --bar

See man ack for more details.

Use the -i flag to perform a case-insensitive search with ack.

ack -i easter

3:The [`ack`](https://beyondgrep.com/) utility has a fun Easter egg that dumps

18:Eastern time.

If you are a Vim user, you may be familiar with smart-case. The --smart-case option is a related Ack feature worth checking out.

See man ack for more details.

List Available File Types #

The ack utility allows you to filter the searched files based on file type. If you'd like to know all of the file types available, you can use the --help=types flag. This will include file types you've specified in your .ackrc file.

Here is a sample of some of the output.

ack --help=types
--[no]css .css .less .scss
--[no]dart .dart
--[no]delphi .pas .int .dfm .nfm .dof .dpk .dproj .groupproj .bdsgroup .bdsproj
--[no]elisp .el
--[no]elixir .ex .exs
--[no]erlang .erl .hrl
--[no]fortran .f .f77 .f90 .f95 .f03 .for .ftn .fpp
--[no]go .go
--[no]groovy .groovy .gtmpl .gpp .grunit .gradle
--[no]haskell .hs .lhs
--[no]hh .h
--[no]html .html .mustache .handlebars .tmpl
--[no]jade .jade
--[no]java .java .properties
--[no]js .js

See man ack for more details.

Search Files Specific to a Language #

The ack command makes it easy to narrow the set of searched files to those of a specific programming language. For instance, if you have a rails project and only want to search the ruby files, use the --ruby flag with your ack command.

ack --ruby Active

With the --ruby flag, I get a manageable number of results. Without it, not so much.

ack --ruby Active | wc -l
ack Active | wc -l

See man ack for more details.

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